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When a visitor comes to your website, they are looking for the best solution to their legal issue(s). They have a problem and they need it solved. In the case of a serious legal issue, they could very well be in panic mode and those people want to know RIGHT NOW that you can solve their problem. What do you think happens if they don’t get that quickly from your website’s pages?

For the purposes of this discussion, we’re going to talk about your landing pages. Landing pages are any of your website’s pages that your visitors arrive at from either a search engine or another referring page. A landing page can be your home page or any other page on your website that you, your SEO, or your website designer purposely set up to get visitors coming to it from external referring pages.


When a targeted prospect arrives on your landing page, they are asking your page the following 3 questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Can I trust you to solve my problem(s)?

How long do you think the page has to answer them before the prospect leaves to look for another attorney to help them (1, 2, or 3)?

  1. 60 seconds
  2. 30 seconds
  3. Less than 10 seconds

Amazingly enough, the correct answer is 3. People don’t want to take the time to have to scour your site, or even a page, to find the answers to the 3 questions above. They want to know immediately. If they can’t find the answer to their questions quickly, they are off to the next attorney to (hopefully) get the help they need.

You don’t want that to happen, do you? No, of course not! Therefore, your web pages have to convey some very important information quickly and succinctly to your visitors. Can you see why just getting traffic to your website, to your website’s pages, isn’t enough to convert visitors to leads?

In this article, we are going propose a question for the purpose of taking a slightly deep dive into web page conversion rates and how to help give your visitors the best chances to become YOUR clients.

To do this, we need to help you understand exactly what should be on your web pages, what shouldn’t be on them, why this is such an important topic, and how to make your conversions skyrocket. Finally we will discuss how to test whether a page is converting its best and how to make modifications so your web pages convert the best they can.

Why Be Concerned With Conversions?

Picture this – you pay someone $10,000 in one month to get targeted (meaning people that have a need that you can help with) traffic to one of your web pages. They get 500 people to a landing page on your website. They are all targeted leads that are looking for an attorney with a focus need you help with. Not one person calls you. WHAAAT?? All that money spent, and NOTHING? Right! NO one calls. Why don’t they call?

Are you ready for the answer?

They didn’t call because you didn’t answer their questions on your web page – who are you, what do you do, and can I trust you to help me? Or, perhaps you answered those questions but you didn’t give them an easy way to contact you. Or, you answered their questions but the person is red-green color blind and your website is full of reds and greens with no contrast, and the person can’t read the writing to know what you’re trying to say to them.

Do you see how your web pages could be losing prospective clients without anyone knowing about it? Those people won’t contact you and tell you those things! They may not even know exactly WHY they are leaving. All they know is they didn’t find what they’re looking for, and they are off. Gone. Goodbye.

Next imagine that you have done a better job with your web page and it is ‘easier’ to find what your visitors are looking for, and it is ‘easier’ to contact you, and your design has enough contrast that it doesn’t cause issues with color-blind people. You get 5 people to call you, and one of those turns into a client. That’s better, right? But did this pay for itself yet? Probably not – because you spent $10k to get 1 client. That’s a lot of money to procure one client, even for you as an attorney, right?

Better Conversions = More Leads = More Clients = More Income

Now imagine that you’ve brought in a conversion optimization specialist and that person makes a bunch of adjustments to your web page – the page above the fold (the part that you see on the page when you first arrive, before you scroll down) now displays plenty of information for a prospective visitor to know who you are, what you do, and makes them feel like they can trust you for help. There is at least one very strong call to action (CTA) with an easy-click button to call you, and perhaps either a contact form or a place that easy to see where they can go and fill out a contact form 24/7. You literally speak to the prospects’ needs in your copy, make them feel like you know what they’re talking about AND what they need from you.

The color scheme is improved and the page looks better, flows better, has interesting pictures (including one or more of you and your staff) and maybe a video on it to keep people interested in learning more about you, what things you help with, etc. With every additional word they read, they are falling more in love with the idea that you could be the one that can help. Now you have 100 people call or email you! That is a 20% conversion rate. Is that unheard of? Absolutely not, not if people in pain that REALLY need your service are being targeted!

Now you have converted 10 of them (at least, right?) into clients for a CPA (cost per client acquisition) of just $1,000. That’s a WHOLE lot better than $10,000 per client, right? What was the difference, though? If you’ve been following the logic on this, there really was no difference EXCEPT that your web page converted better. Same amount of traffic, same amount of money spent getting it. The right traffic looking for your service went to your service page, discovered the information they needed to learn about you quickly, and they gained enough trust in what was on the page that they felt comfortable contacting you. It’s really as simple as that, but it’s not so simple.

Conversion Rate Optimization Concepts

Let’s recap some of the concepts of conversion rate optimization so it’s all in one place. For your web pages to convert their best, they need the following things conveyed in less than 10 seconds:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Can you be trusted to help them with their problem/issue/need/desire

What other factors can you think of that are important for great conversions? Take a minute (if you like) to write those things down for yourself.

Now, compare your list to these following factors which need to be present for best conversions:

  • The page needs to be TECHNICALLY correct – it shouldn’t have elements on top of other elements, errors on the screen, or anything else weird or unusual showing it’s broken
  • The website should not look outdated, unless you’re appealing to people not concerned with style
  • The website must have a pleasing look to it, preferably in your logo’s colors or complimentary colors
  • The website must have a current copyright year on it (Not having a year is just as bad as having a previous year)
  • The website must be secure (SSL certificate properly installed and working so you get the green lock)
  • The website must be mobile friendly
  • The website must be fast enough that you don’t lose visitors because they get tired of waiting for it to load
  • The page needs to address visitor’s specific concerns (for example if you’re a criminal defense attorney and you defend homicide cases, the page needs to address that)
  • The page needs to have easily readable text in big enough font sizes for the average senior citizen (16px or 18px minimum)
  • The page needs to be easily readable for people that are color-blind or can’t see low contrast text for any reason.
  • The page needs to be interesting enough to keep people on it. The longer they’re there, the higher the possibility they’ll contact you as long as your content continues to address their issues and builds trust
  • The page needs to show that other people were happy with your services (social proof)
  • The page needs to flow from one point to another, building additional trust
  • The page needs to have multiple ways to contact you in various places on the page – don’t make them scroll all the way to the bottom to get your phone number, for example
  • The page can’t be annoying – don’t have multiple popups, etc.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – the page has to answer the question – “What’s in it for me (the prospect)?” It’s not about you the attorney – it’s about them, the potential client so the page has to speak to them that way

How can you test to see if your web page is converting its best? The first thing to do is verify the best-practice conversion optimization techniques are in place on every landing page on your website – see the bullet list above this paragraph as a really good guide.

Second, you need some type of analytics on your web pages to track the traffic. Many SEO’s like Google Analytics, but my personal favorite for general data needs is Statcounter because you’ll get more data in one report from Statcounter than you’ll get in 5 reports from Google, just because the latter is SO data intense that it almost takes a rocket scientist (or at least an SEO) to understand it!

The next step is to look at one of your most popular landing pages and observe it for a several days (more if needed for a better sample). What is the average conversion rate on that page now? Then look at the page to see what can be changed – make the contact button bigger, smaller, different color, different position. Look at the overall flow of the page – can it be changed to make it flow better? Is the CTA strong enough? Make a couple of changes and then test for several more days and compare conversion rates. Also, there are split-testing plugins for WordPress that will show different versions to different visitors and keep track of the conversions for you.

Fine-tuning your conversion optimization requires a lot of testing. Look at what happens, though, if you increase it just 1 percent: Out of 1000 visitors, 10 more PNC’s contact you. Then you get 1-2 more clients on average, right? Is that worth testing and tweaking? The answer depends on you and your resources. But either way, the point of this article of course is to show you what CAN be.

Final Conversion Rate Optimization Talking Points

Here’s the overall consideration that is extremely important, and that so many attorneys just don’t think about: Make it as EASY for your potential clients to hire you as possible. What does ‘easy’ mean and how can you do that? The answer is in the next article (cliffhanger here)!

DID YOU KNOW – most SEO companies don’t go far enough in the conversion process to actually land you as many clients as you are paying your SEO for? Are you saying to yourself right now “This makes total sense – we are getting more traffic but we’re still not getting as many calls as we should be?”

If you are feeling that way and are looking for a better answer, we are willing to talk to you for no charge to help. Just like you probably offer free consultations, we do as well. Give us a call today at 602-899-5223 or book a direct appointment here – we will take a look at your web pages with you over the phone. We will help you understand why they may not be converting as well as they could be, no matter how much traffic is going there, plus we can look at the SEO and see how it can be improved as well. Let’s take a look at your website’s data and see how you can get more clients, starting with our call.