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Why Law Firm SEO?

Dave Glick, owner and SEO of Elite Law Firm SEO, has always been tech minded. On top of working with computers since 1974, working with BBS’s (Bulletin Board Services) and the Internet since 1992, and owning successful small businesses since 1982, the background needed to become an Internet marketing expert was laid out.

A secret that not many people know about Dave is he seriously considered becoming an attorney as a teen. He was always good in debate (as he’s been told!) and he had the right mind. 

But family, financial, and personal issues abound. Becoming an attorney was not to become a reality for him. 

When the opportunity came to work with attorneys though, he became fascinated with the idea, and as it turns out, he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity for many reasons.


Why It’s Fun

What does Dave enjoy about working with attorneys?

“What I enjoy the most about working with attorneys is that as a group they are super-intelligent. I love talking with them as they have time and learning more about their world and how they help their clients. As a marketer, my wheels are always turning in regard to discovering new ways to help them get more clients. The more I learn about them the more ways I can help.”


Why Us?

Dave Glick isn’t an attorney. He’s the guy with nearly 4 decades of successful small business experience. He knows how to market businesses. Your law firm is a business and it needs to constantly bring in new clients to survive.

Dave knows the tech and the science behind proper Internet marketing; he treats every law firm he works with individually and drives the calls THEY need to get the clients they’re looking for. There’s no cookie cutter here because your law firm is as individual as you.

Not only do you need the right new visitors to your website, but you also need those visitors to contact you, which is known as conversions. It sounds cold but business is business. And conversions are where your new money is – Dave is the expert at driving those conversions.

Get Elite Law Firm SEO and kick your law firm’s Internet marketing strategies into high gear starting today.


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