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A Real Struggle

What’s Your Firm’s Biggest Struggle?

Most law firms struggle to get new clients. In addition to referrals, here’s how most attorneys get new clients: outreach and advertising. Outreach requires you to contact people (within your bar’s legality), while advertising gets people to contact you when you’re needed.

Advertising: More Efficient Than Outreach?

Both methods require an investment of resources. Outreach requires time and is usually aimed at a small number of individual targets. Networking is a form of outreach. Time isn’t replaceable – and if you’re like many attorneys, there always seems to be a shortage of that anyway. 

Advertising requires a financial investment and can target many people at once. Money is replaceable, especially when the investment pays off. You spend $100 and get back $1000 or more – that’s the win you hope for and you’d do that all day long, right?

Your Firm’s Maximum Visibility is Key to Success

The Internet is where people today look to get their needs met, most especially since the beginning of 2020 with the COVID-19 onset. Is your firm visible to your potential clients on the Internet? To see this for yourself, go ahead and search Google for your firm’s practice focuses (not your firm name) in your city. See if you can find your firm on the first two search pages. Is it there?

Increasing Your Firm’s Visibility

Your firm can’t get new clients from the Internet if its not showing up on Page 1 for searches when people need you. It’s really that simple. You don’t have to struggle to get new clients. You just need more visibility. There’s a very real and provable solution available to make that happen. Best of all, it’s the most effective and efficient form of marketing for a law firm because it can be the gift that keeps on giving.


What You Get

If you’d like to know about the solution to get more clients, take a look at this:

Although no one can make promises, we have solid proof of what it takes to get on page 1 for what your potential new clients are searching for – you! We also have solid irrefutable proof that it works amazingly well.

The method is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the mysterious acronym many people (that don’t know any better) associate with witch doctors. But here’s the fact: SEO will be your knight in shining armor, but it must be done the right way and in conjunction with other important optimization methods.

Perhaps you’ve heard SEO is important for web presence. Maybe you’ve even considered trying to do it yourself.

However, we’ve heard SEO isn’t on the bar exam.

Look – your expertise is helping your clients with their legal issues. You only need to know as much about SEO as you wish; you can let us take care of the hard part.

Here’s what you can expect to get from our efforts: Results. More potential new clients will call or email your law firm for a consultation. That’s our job. Your job is just to verify they’re a fit for your firm and complete the sale.


Our Approach

We begin our journey toward your Internet marketing excellence by uncovering your law firm’s entire Internet presence, including your personal presence. We look at everything:

  • What your website says
  • What people are saying about you and your firm
  • What the search engines say about you and your firm
  • Your local Internet presence
  • Your social media
  • Other websites that are linking to your website, and
  • Other Internet marketing assets

With that information, we will imagine, plan, and execute your marketing strategy with the finest precision required to make the greatest impact for you and your law firm. Your potential new clients will find you, be made to feel they can trust you to solve their legal issues, and then contact you (and potentially convert to new clients).


Our Mission

Our journey together has only one goal in mind: for you to gain a consistent mass number of potential new clients that become your clients. Imagine how realizing this goal could affect your life. It will greatly increase your income and allow you more freedoms.

You’re an attorney, but you’re also a person with dreams – life dreams, financial dreams, maybe even family dreams. Taking that well-deserved vacation, putting kids through school, or maybe just paying the monthly bills without worrying about how.

Our goal is to have a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with you, and help you realize each and every one of those dreams. You see, your success is our success, and we would like to help you achieve your greatest success and fulfill your dreams.


About Our Firm

We’ve been in business helping law firms with their tech needs, websites, and Internet marketing since 2012.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave, and I have even recommended him to all of my friends and family. He provides IMMEDIATE, hand-tailored customer service. He always goes the extra mile for his clients. It is hard to find big companies and corporations who can provide the one on one customer service that Dave does. If I ever have any kind of an issue, Dave is just one text/email/phone call away. That is so crucial to running a small law firm. As an attorney, it is always a struggle to manage the business end of your business when clients are always expecting quick responses. So when we have business issues that we need tending to, we need someone who is at the ready between court appearances and conference calls–Dave is that guy. He will personally tend to any tech issues that arise, and always gives expedient responses. Dave with Elite Law Firm SEO is the company you want to choose.”
RK, Esq.


“First I would like to say THANK YOU Dave for all the hard work you have put into our law firm!

In the beginning phase we put a lot of pressure on Dave and he was very understanding of our needs and expectations. Changing over to a new marketing company was stressful but Dave gave us his words and he delivered on his message.

Additionally, his expertise in marketing and computers has made it much easier to rely on one person rather than on various other businesses. We can’t thank him enough for all the work and sweat he continuously puts into our business.

We recommend him to anyone needing help with their law firm marketing. Dave is the man for the job.”


Legal Assistant, Ferragut Law Firm